Judy's Farm

Biodynamic Produce

  • We have the finest quality produce.
  • Biodynamic wine - fine Pencloe Park Pinot.
  • Biodynamic beef.

    We're always @ the weekly Healesville Organic Market...

We follow the biodynamic and "agni hotra" approach to farming, which protects from man-made negativities and empowers everything that we grow.

Biodynamic produce Biodynamic wine

Trading Hours:Daily - there's a road-verge stall
Address:268B Steels Creek Road
Yarra Glen, VIC 3775
Melways Ref:Page: 266 - K5
Phone:0448 037 690
 Biological Farmers of Australia PRODUCER 3209BD

Biodynamic agriculture is the oldest consciously organic approach to farming and gardening and is one of the most sustainable in existence. It is founded on a holistic and spiritual understanding of nature and the human being. It builds on the pioneering research work of Rudolf Steiner.

What BIODYNAMIC means...

  • A psycho-spiritual and agni-hotra approach to preserve and prevent man-made chemicals from getting through the aura while allowing healthy, wholesome, and nutritious growth.
  • Every biodynamic farm aims to become self-sufficient in compost, manures and animal feeds.
  • All external inputs are kept to a minimum.
  • Compost is treated with special herb-based preparations.
  • Crop quality is improved using natural manure and quartz-based preparations.
  • Ecological diversity is a goal of landscape management.
  • An astronomical calendar is used to determine auspicious planting, cultivating and harvesting times.

  • We comply with the AQIS National Standard for Organic and Biodynamic Produce (2004) and the Australian Organic Standard (2006).