Lesley Dickman

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Still Lives

Who Defines Me?

The work, an installation combining painting and poetry, is part of a feminist theme titled 'Who Defines Me'.
It portrays a soft misty romantic landscape, inspired by the early morning mist on the banks on the salt lakes in central Victoria. My intention was to capture the stillness, the solitude, and the uniqueness of the salted lake and it surrounds. On completion of the landscape, I reflected on some of the feminist poetry I had written and decided to use some of the old text combined with some new. I have attempted to mirror the soft romantic mystery of the landscape combined with different aspects of what it is to be female. This is one of the poems:
    Hear the silence in moving streams
    Water ribbons wrapped around her
    Dimpled being
    Gurgling, bubbling
    Yes a moment of silence
    As she is ejected into this strudel
    City and country
    Snow and desert
    Rain, heat
    A moment of reflection
    As vast uncontrolled rivers carry her body awash
    And in hope
    Her centre filled with determined sods
    Endurence is her grace
    And silence
    Then she said
    Be quiet
    Be quiet


Paintings and Video

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