We have a number of "construction" projects on the go all the time.
If you are looking for a way to get involved, then this could be just right for you.

Cubby House Construction

We have been commissioned to construct a cubby house for the local Primary School.  Using members' carpentry skills, the 4m * 4m timber "code-built" house proved a hit. The children assisted in the construction and assembly.

"Furniture" Restoration

We have been commissioned to restore several items of "furniture", including an original "Red Phone Box", tables and chairs.  We may not be able to restore every item presented.

Model Steam Traction Engine

With assistance from qualified metal mechinists, members are constructing their own working model of a steam traction engine.
Steam Traction Engine Files - requires password

Pygmy Possum Nesting Box

We are contracted to supply a number of nesting boxes for the local endangered pygmy possum. Also suitable for birds.

Kitchen Chopping Board

Need a laminated wood chopping board made to order? Contact us. Come along and help put them together.

Park Bench Seat Building

We are contracted to supply a number of park bench seats identical to the one on the verandah of the Shed. We have some concrete supports and timber slats ready for assembly. Come along and help put them together.

Out-door Santa Claus Christmas Decoration

Want to decorate your house this Christmas and celebrate with your own brightly painted Santa? We are making them now. Call by the Shed for a preview and place your order. $50.00.

Protect Your Young Plants from Rabbits

Having problems with rabbits eating your young plants? Need to keep them out of the vegetable patch? Use the Contact Us form to enquire about our cost-effective solution.

Steps to Get You Into the Saddle

Want a handy set of steps to make getting into the saddle easier? No need to do the vertical splits anymore with these steps at hand. Stan Hardidge managing this "on- order" project. Use the Contact Us form to ask about a set. If you have a horse or pony, you need one of our steps.

Battery Collection

Collecting nearly 600 car, tractor, truck etc batteries in April 2014 for recycling resulted in over $2000 being added to Shed funds.
If we called and you were not home and have old batteries for us to collect, contact the Men's Shed President or Secretary - see the 'Contact Us' menu item. Thanks to everyone involved in donating and collecting.

Biro Pen Making

If you can use a lathe to make wooden or plastic bodies for biro pens, or even want to learn how to use a lathe to do it, come along and see our resident experts David Brimelow, Ross Ward or Roger Thompson. We have existing retail orders to fill.

Transportable Bookshelf System

A timber book shelving system on wheels for the children's book collection at the local Reading Room at Yarra Glen.

Bee Hotels

An approach from Yarra Ranges Council to make "hotels" to be placed in the district for native bees. Harry Teear in charge.

Child Play-Gym and Cubby House Combo for Local Identity

An approach from a local paraplegic sportsman to build a play-gym and cubby house combination for his daughter resulted in four Shedders completing the task over 3 days. It was quite complex requiring flat-pack erection experience in the rain.
Click here for a PowerPoint presentation of the build. (2.15MB)

Making Billy Carts

Making 3 billy carts for the local Glen Youth Group was completed in plenty of time for the race meeting, Friday 12 September. Congratulations to all involved. It was an intricate project with the carts not resembling anything us older blokes remember from our childhood. But they did go very well and the children loved them.