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Yarra Glen, Victoria

Post-Bushfire Information and Assistance

Thanks to the Port Phillip & Westernport Catchment Management Authority for compiling and distributing this.

Also see the Shire of Yarra Ranges compiled Bushfire Recovery Information Sheet issued 17 February 2009.


It is recommended that those people affected by the fires register their names at one of the centres below:

Emergency relief centres - http://www.dse.vic.gov.au/DSE/nrenfoe.nsf/fid/4D54A2B407864A32CA25755B007D06B0

Council Information lines and Recovery Centres - http://www.dhs.vic.gov.au/emergency/current-events/bushfire/relief-and-recovery-centres


Centrelink: 180 2211 http://www.centrelink.gov.au/ The Australian Government is providing immediate, additional assistance to the people who have been adversely affected by the series of bushfires in the state of Victoria, which commenced on 29 January 2009 and may continue into March 2009. Payments of $1,000 per eligible adult and $400 per eligible child, will be available where, as a direct result of the Victoria fires:

  • the person is seriously injured, or
  • the person is: the immediate family member of an Australian killed; and the first immediate family member to make a claim for the payment in respect of the major disaster, or
  • the person's principal place of residence has been destroyed, or
  • the person's principal place of residence has sustained major damage, or
  • the person was unable to return to their principal place of residence for a period of 24 hours or more.
For more information on eligibility or if you have any queries contact Centrelink on 180 2211.

Financial Assistance
An emergency grant of up to $1,067 is available per household for immediate and urgent accommodation, food and personal needs. The amount of each grant is based on need. http://www.dhs.vic.gov.au/emergency/current-events/bushfire/financial-assistance

Temporary living and re-establishment grants:
A temporary living and re-establishment grant is available to people whose principal place of residence has been made uninhabitable by bushfire.

	Metropolitan Eastern Region 9843 6000
	North & West Region 1300 664 977
	Southern Region 9213 2111
	Country Barwon-South West 5226 4540
	Gippsland 5177 2500
	Grampians 5333 6669
	Hume 5722 0555
	Loddon-Mallee 5434 5555

Dealing with financial matters after an emergency
This website outlines some of the support services available as well as identifies important considerations that may be helpful when trying to manage finances in the aftermath of an emergency.
http://www.dhs.vic.gov.au/emergency/current-events/bushfire/ fact-sheet-dealing-with-financial-matters-after-an-emergency


Primary Industries Bushfire Response and Recovery
Very good fact sheets from the Department of Primary Industries

Business Victoria Bushfire Assistance
Information on Grants, Loans, Counselling, etc from Business Victoria

Reimbursement of Insurance Excess for Bushfire fencing http://www.dpi.vic.gov.au/DPI/nrenfa.nsf/LinkView/ 868C30BB5B8EABBECA25755900104E152B72296A5108C4FFCA25734F0009F96F/$file/Bushfire%20management%20fact%20sheet.pdf

LIVESTOCK AND ANIMALS (inc fodder and agistment needs)
Help with Fire Affected Livestock - http://www.dpi.vic.gov.au/DPI/dpincor.nsf/v/D8F9F701AEE1D8D2CA25755800083440/ $file/20090208%20vets%20on%20standby%20final.pdf

VFF Fodder/Agistment line
Tel: 1300 882 833 or see www.vff.org.au Registration for fodder/agistment - please see attached form from the VFF You can also offer horse agistment through the Triple R Equine Welfare Crisis Network For offers of accommodation for small animals please contact Animal Aid

Dogs in need of care
Fun4Paws is currently offering emergency respite care to animals affected by the bush fires, however there are many more animals than they have carers. There are large numbers of owners with nowhere to place their dogs. If you are able to offer a place to a dog in your home, please contact Lynne Fitzsimmons or Luke Williams. Luke - 0415 104 044 contact@fun4paws.com.au Lynne - 0428 844 810 or lynne@fun4paws.com.au


	Red Cross: 1800 811 700 www.redcross.org.au

	Salvation Army : 137 258 www.salvationarmy.org.au

	Brotherhood of St Lawrence: www.bsl.org.au

	St Vincent de Paul: www.vinnies.org.au

Local Council: People seeking assistance should also contact their local municipal council to ensure they are aware of the full range of assistance available to those affected by fire or other emergencies - www.mav.asn.au
    Shire of Yarra Ranges
    Murrindindi Shire
    Nillumbik Shire

Land Rover Owners Club Mobile Landcare Group - able to mobilise to remove and re-erect fencing, cleanup areas, clear and open roads and access tracks, transport food and equipment and other volunteers in 4wd vehicles. Please call David McKinnon on ph 0411 410 568 or email david.mckinnon@itaus.net


DPI - Fire Recovery & Response Notes http://www.dpi.vic.gov.au/dpi/nreninf.nsf/Home+Page/DPI+InfoSeries~Home+Page?open

Information for people wanting to help http://www.dhs.vic.gov.au/emergency/current-events/bushfire/advice-for-people-wanting-to-help

ABC Radio Melbourne http://www.abc.net.au/melbourne/ - Click on the big "How can I help box", which has a great list of places you can go to provide different items.


CFA Information line: 1800 240 667 www.cfa.vic.gov.au

DSE: 1800 240 667 www.dse.vic.gov.au/fire  (Department of Sustainability and Environment)

DPI: 136 186 http://www.dpi.vic.gov.au  (Department of Primary Industries)

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