Yarra Glen and District Living and Learning Centre, Inc.


About the Centre

The Yarra Glen & District Living & Learning Centre has existed as an incorporated not-for-profit organisation since 1985. The Centre is run by a Committee of Management, who are all volunteers, and a paid Office and Program Co-ordinator.

The original aim of the Centre was to provide a place for people to come together in an atmosphere of equality, to share their skills and experiences and to enjoy each other's companionship while doing so and has remained the Centres guiding theme.

The Centre was first located in rented premises in the main street in Yarra Glen. In June 1988, following an application to the regional TAFE board, a sum of $17,000 was granted towards the acquisition of a portable building. Over the next 18 Months while the Committee sought a more permanent solution, the centre worked out of various local facilities. Apprentices at Ferntree Gully College of TAFE constructed the building and when completed in April 1990 it was erected close to the old railway station in Yarra Glen. Five years later the opportunity to move to the present location at McKenzie Reserve, co-locating with the tennis Club, was seen to be advantageous, enabling facilities, particularly toilets to be shared.

After moving the McKenzie reserve, the building was handed over to the Shire, who maintains the exterior of the building and surrounds, while the centre maintains the interior.

The Centre is located in Yarra Glen, a small township, 60 kms north east of Melbourne with an estimated population of between 3,500-4,000.

The Centre aims to provide a friendly, accessible Community Centre, which is in walking distant for many residents and easily accessible by car with plenty of parking available.

We try to provide activities for all age groups and a place for new and old residents to meet and make friends while participating in the centre activities.


To provide a safe welcoming environment where skills and ideas are shared. To make a difference to people's life. To provide people with a greater sense of wellbeing and belonging.


Keeping our community connected by generating a greater sense of wellbeing.

Our Team


    President: Karen Fothergill
    Vice President: Helen Wood
    Treasurer: Christina Brown
    Secretary: Vacant

    Committee Members:
    Jill Bowen-Hess
    Veronika Gordon
    Lisa Barry
    Tina Van Kooten

Office and Program Coordinator

    Office and Program Manager: Lisa Barry & Julie Asquith